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The unique design of the solar power EV charging system eliminated the need to install additional electrical infrastructure. The unit will be used to charge four new electric vehicles that will be used by Fleet Services as loaner vehicles. In this way, we hope to promote the electric vehicle to drivers within the City. The benefits go beyond emissions reductions to include elimination of oil changes and other positive environmental aspects of the electric vehicles and solar charging.
Sandy LeonardProject Manager
The versatility of our EV ARC to be moved at a moment’s notice provides the flexibility needed in our operations. No construction, no upgrades to utilities, no hassles. Moving our EV ARC is as simple as scheduling a meeting. The County is excited to have this solution as part of our expanding network of EV chargers throughout the County.
Bradley NorthupFleet Acquisitions Coordinator
We are proud to utilize a resilient and sustainable product made by a San Diego-based company. The EV ARC’s innovative technology aligns seamlessly with our Port’s sustainability goals and plans and allows users to drive on nothing but clean energy from the sun.
Chairman Garry BonelliBoard of Port Commissioners
The flexibility of the EV ARC™ as an infrastructure solution that we can add where and when we need them, without having to go through extensive planning, construction and utility interconnections, makes it an ideal product for our site. This is an American-made, plug-and-play solution which allows us to install the charger of our choice but without the costs and headaches of construction, without a utility bill and without the risk of losing our EV charging during a blackout.
Stu JosseyManager of Fleet Services
The City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management chose Envision EV ARC™ technology for our electric vehicle charging needs due to its solving the complexities of putting charging stations into a Downtown location, as well as providing access to power for our electric vehicles in the case of a weather emergency.
Robert L. HortonFleet manager
Sunshine is a commodity that we have in abundance here in the ‘Valley of the Sun,’ so the Envision Solar EV ARC makes perfect sense to capitalize on that free sustainable resource.
Montana SlackFleet Management Superintendent
The City of  Charlotte  is excited to add sunshine as a reliable energy source for our transportation needs. In addition to free EV charging for our citizens, the EV ARC solar charging stations make a visible sustainability statement. We plan to occasionally relocate them for special events, but they will primarily live by our award-winning Fire Department headquarters.
Steve GucciardiEnvironmental Services Project Manager
We chose the EV ARC because it is an off-grid solar-powered charger, which saves the City installation construction costs, generates no utility bills and can be relocated as needed. The addition of the EV ARC complements our ‘First Mile Last Mile’ strategies to increase access and transportation connectivity. The unit is also part of the City’s emergency preparedness and energy resiliency planning. It will serve double duty as a source of electricity during power outages, particularly important with the upcoming Public Safety Power Shutoffs that have become a seasonal fire prevention norm in the Bay Area.
Denée EvansTransportation Services Department
The Greensboro Department of Transportation is excited to add these EV ARC solar powered charging stations as an integral part of the EV charging and disaster preparedness infrastructure in our center-city. These charging stations are another indicator of the City’s commitment to green energy and sustainability. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with NC State University’s NC Clean Energy Technology Center to expand amenities available to visitors of downtown Greensboro.
Stephen D. CarterBusiness and Parking Manager for the Greensboro Department of Transportation
Sustainability is a primary driving force for the City of Madison and why we continue to expand solar-powered EV charging technology in our City. Because Envision’s EV ARCs can be moved, have emergency power panels that can be used during a grid-failure and require no construction to deploy, we are able to provide EV charging and disaster preparedness quickly and simply and with a low risk and low total cost of ownership. We now have units for fleet access so City EV drivers can drive on 100% clean energy.
Mahanth JoishyFleet Superintendent
Envision’s solar EV ARC product allows us to provide the ultimate emissions free driving experience powered by the Sun. All without the costs and time of construction or the cost of a utility. This month, we’re excited to launch an all-solar powered car-share program with Envision, in partnership with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, The Housing Authority of City of Los Angeles, and Pacoima Beautiful, servicing disadvantaged communities.
Aric OhanaCEO
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